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Xbox/X360 Homebrew • 360mpGui v1.0.9.2 added: Offline 2 Online Profile-Maker , NXEART-Extractor

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360mpGui v1.0.9.2 beta

!!! For new and futured Functions you must have Net.Framework 3.5 installed !!!

Last Update 09.09.2012

1 - Offline to Online Profile-Maker
A easy to use Online-Profile-Maker. Create a Offline-Profile on your 360, load it into 360mpGui,
give, if you want, a new Gamertag, insert a XUID, press Create Profile, back to 360,
ready to use Avatar-Clothes :-)

2 - Nxeart Picture Extractor
You like the Nxe-Backgrounds and Slots? Load the nxeart-File from your extracted ISO into 360mpGui,
and save them where ever you want (Cool as Wallpapers) :-)
Picture-Size are 1920x1080 and 420x320 (for a larger preview click the Pictures)

3 - Changes on .360mp File Combo
(now Show Multi-Disks and their Number behind the Game-Name)

4 - Fontsize adjusted when your Fontsize is bigger than 100%


Previous Updates:

14.08.2012 Last Update:
1 - little FTP-Function for Dlc (+Batch-Mode)
2 - Replace 360mp-File Load-Button with a ComboList (faster)
3 - Fix: ImgBurn.ini now save correct to 360mpTools-Folder
4 - New Option: Set Batch-Windows "on Top" or "not on Top"
5 - New Option: Detect and set Xgd2 and Xgd3 Settings automatically
6 - 360mpGui starts now approximately 40% faster
7 - Optical changes
31.07.2012 ImgBurn added to Abgx360-Tab (load Iso automatically in ImgBurn)
23.07.2012 Batch-Mode for Arcade/Dlc added
20.07.2012 Important Update for User's with the Array-Problem!
no installed, or configured (Linux), DVD-Drive on your System let 360mpGui crash...
(Thx to boobooman and Jéjé le tech for help to solve the Problem)
15.07.2012 Fix small Things and add a Startpic/new Icon
(Thx to MaxDaMi from BoerseBZ for GFX)
10.07.2012 CPU goes up to 50% in Task Manager - fixed
07.07.2012 More ISO-Info to Extract-ISO Screen added
07.07.2012 Batch-Mode for Extract-ISO added
01.07.2012 Update to (Fix Bugs)
29.06.2012 Abgx360-Gui added

26.06.2012 First Release of 360mpGui

Please test it and report Errors (there are guaranteed) , i can only test it on Win7 32bit...
On first Startup, 360mpGui will extract exiso.exe, abgx360.exe and ImgBurn, and creates 2 Folders.

Here some Pics and Info's of 360mpGui: (click Pic's to enlarge)

Pic's from Iso-Extractor, Iso-Extractor-Batch and Create-Iso:

Pic for Arcade/Dlc Patcher: Dlc-Files not really testet, Arcade Games works fine, please
test Dlc-Files and report it per PM...


And yes, you look right, Arcade and Dlc Files can be renamed, testet on Dash 2.0.14699.0.,
easier to find a Dlc on 360HDD (look below, Batman - Arkham City)


Pic for the Title-ID, Media-ID Manager and Update searcher: You look for an Update for a Game? Only a God?
Where is the DVD? Iso deleted? Create and store a 360mp-File (only 7-15kb pro Game inc. Game-Icon)
At next Time, load the 360mp-File and search for your Update at xbuc or jqe360. never again need the DVD,
ISO or God, to look for the right Title,- or Media-ID for your Game. You will love this Feature...


Pic's of Abgx360-Gui and Options-Tab:

TUT for adding CD and DVD drives to Wine 1.5.9 (Example for Ubuntu 12.04)
Thx to Jéjé le tech

For easier configuration , i recommend to put a mp3 cd or dvd in your drive , ubuntu will mount it automatically and it will show you the exact path for your cd or dvd driveFor example , my mp3 cd of Carl Cox is identified as /media/010114_1912Open a terminal windows ( CTRL+ALT+T ) in ubuntuType winecfg and press Enter , a pop-up window will appear ( wine configuration )1 - Navigate to the drives tab
2 - Click on Autodetect , you should see the same line /media/010114_1912
3 - Click on the letter that is assigned to the line /media/010114_1912 , click on advanced properties and force CD-ROM as type
4 - Apply , close winecfg terminal
5 - restart 360mgGui.exe and enjoy program will all dvd functionsIf you have more than one CD/DVD device you will need to identify each one differently. Use /media/cdrom0 for the first CD/DVD device, /media/cdrom1 for the second one, and so on. If in doubt, type the following command in your terminal.

Hope you like it. If so, please write a Comment...
... and please, tell me, which Functions you like...

More and more will be added to 360mpGui...

Downloadlink for 360mpGui v1.0.9.2 (

Respect my work... When you used my software before you share anything,
please remark to my 360mpGui Software...


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