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PS3 Hardware hacks • Anonymous Beta Tester leaks updated 3k3y pictures and video

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We all heard recently that 3k3y was shipping out BETA units

So for all those non-believers, and fakers still out there, here is EXCLUSIVE proof that 3k3y is real and working!


Well, I promised there would be some exclusive 3k3y news, after their last status update, so here it is to start the New Year 2013 off in our famous blasting Crunching News Style!

Click the above-picture to see a close-up view of the actual 3k3y BETA PCBoard, (the case on the PHAT PS3 used for demo, does not need to be cut-away, that was done on purpose for the video shown below), and the small black box to left is the usb hdd port, power and 3k3y LCD screen interface to select the PS3 ISO on your external USB HDD similar in style to their famous original X360key ODD emulator.

Now sit back and enjoy the video made by our Anonymous 3k3y Beta Tester (BTW, Many Thanks Whomever You Are!), as you nurse your video gaming body back into action from all those Happy New Year parties last night!




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Re: Anonymous Beta Tester leaks updated 3k3y pictures and video -- ramosxtreme
Wednesday, 02 January 2013 04:13
Im loven it!!!!


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