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PS3 Homebrew List • PS PKG File Manager v1

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Hi people, I wish you all a happy new year 2013
To begin it nice I will release a new tool called "PS PKG File Manager".

With this tool you can easily:

- Download PKG Files using the PS Multi Tools PS3 Live Menu (Mostly up2date)
- Sign PKG Files
- Decrypt & Extract PKG Files
- Create PKG Files

for PS3 & PSP.

Packages on top are extracted Packages which can be build with the tool.
Packages on the bottom are not yet extracted (tool allows extracting SIGNED AND UNSIGNED** files).
On the right you can see all the available options for now.
On the very right you see a windows which shows all the informations about a pkg file.

**If you get the message that you can't extract a debug package you only need to sign it and extract it again.

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