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PS3 Homebrew List • [Update] PS Multi Tools v7

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Changelog from v6.5 to v7

PS Multi Tools (General)

- MULTILANGUAGE (12 languages can be “installed”, 4 are already included) * more infos on the bottom
- For PS Multi Tools also a tiny size reduction as PS3 Lite Tools
- New Icon (New icon from v6.5r2 updated)
- New Loading Form
- Updated Start Form
- Updated action buttons
- Updated all Form Icons
- Some other Form changes …

- Fixed: Reporter will now submit messges with the option “Other”
- Fixed: Sign pkg file

- DELAYED: Mac OS X version
- DELAYED: PS3 Live Menu 1.0 release (will be downloaded automatically on release)

PS Multi Tools v7


Source: PS3Hax

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