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[UPDATED] Run Network Backups/ISO’s On PS3 WITHOUT Cobra

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[UPDATED] Run Network Backups/ISO’s On PS3 WITHOUT Cobra[UPDATED] Seems this may not be as it seemed. The below is quoted from splender:

I wrote this, so I can say unequivocally that this article is completely wrong. I reversed the binary as an exercise in fully reversing a binary back to its source (since it was quite small: ~17k, and I reimplemented it in 1000 lines or so).

I never talked to anyone from gitbrew, I just put it up in my homedirectory. I don't agree with what's been said about Cobra USB: what I reversed was the simple server side of the support -- it handles the communication protocol and feeds the requested data back to the PS3. The dongle is still required as (I imagine) there's quite a bit of complexity on the other end. I was just interested in auditing the code and adding some features, not to "stick it" to a company who are doing nice things on their own.

There were never any checks in ps3netsrv for the dongle. As I said, I reimplemented whatever was in the binary -- when you compile it, it should operate the same as the one Cobra USB ships, hopefully even a little better (on Linux at least; it won't compile on Windows and I'm not really interested in fixing building on Windows as I have no need for it and no one else would either).

To reiterate: ps3netsrv.c is NOT a way to implement the streaming functionality without Cobra USB, it's just a reimplementation of their server binary (that they already distribute) with open, auditable source and a few extra usability features for Linux users. It was purely for my own edification, not to have a big deal made out of it (since as you can see, it's not a big deal), nor for fame (though it seems others had that goal in mind).


Durandal from Gitbrew gave me a special little file tonight, dubbed GIJoe, created by a developer called spender from, it lets you run… the quote from durandal below :)

<GregoryRasputin> So how does it work ?
<durandal> it does everything ps3netsrv does
<durandal> minus checking for your cobrausb
<durandal> so you give it a whitelist of allowed ips, a directory, etc
<durandal> and it hosts that for the newest multiman
<durandal> providing the same functionality you’d get by using multiman/cobra
<durandal> so ps3/psx/dvd/bluray iso server
<GregoryRasputin> You still need multiMAN ?
<durandal> best part is when they implement ps2/psp those’ll serve too
<durandal> you need multiman on your ps3
<durandal> don’t need to run the ps3netsrv file on your computer to host
<durandal> use this instead

A little quote from the code:

* “open-sourced” by spender
reversed from the provided binary in a couple hours
added options to daemonize and run as a specific user/group


Gitbrew will be setting up a Wiki page for this release, so those of you that need questions, visit:

And a huge thanks to spender :)


As i stated earlier, the Gitbrew guys were going to make an article in their Wiki, here it is:

Just like the cartoon, this release stands in defiance of Cobra. Moral of the story: The only thing worse than being ripped off by the industry that’s supposed to be supporting us is to see fellow members of our own community find ways to profit off something that should be in the public domain. Anyways, enough about that.

This release, provided by Spender, replaces the ps3netsrv that comes in new versions of MultiMan. In addition to being a free and open source replacement for the original, it removes the need for a CobraUSB dongle and, on the Linux version at least, adds the ability to daemonize the server and set user and group for the process. Compiles using gcc (on Windows, use MinGW or Cygwin) and runs from the command line with the following command line options:

ps3netsrv [-d] [-u user] [-g group] [-p port] [-w whitelist] rootdirectory
whitelist is an optional list of IPs that are allowed to connect to the server, and rootdirectory is the root directory you saved your backups in (using the same folders you would’ve used if you were following mmCm’s directions.
ps3netsrv.c source code

If enough people are interested, we can compile binaries windows, linux, and linux64.

Download Via Gitbrew
Download Mediafire


Quoted Directly From: PS3Hax

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