Solar 3.1 [Released]

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Solar 3.1 [Released]Tortuga Cove co-admin, and PS3 developer Condorstrike has released a new update to his multi-functional Homebrew application Solar.

Now Solar v3.1, which brings a new Exit Dialog interface and many new MP3 player features and fixes.








Hi guys, here's another update to Solar. Lots of things fixed and added, and more to come. Hope you enjoy it, and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free  to ask in the FORUMS.


 Solar v3.1


  • Fixed bug while removing USB drives "hot-pluging now works".
  • Added more USB devices compatibility.
  • Added more UI for mp3 player.
  • Added Exit Dialog interface. "very fast and user friendly".
  • Faster Loading to multiMAN and Browser.
  • Fixed a memory bug.
  • Fixed hang/crash if MP3s were not found.
  • Added Message for Hot-plugging and End of Playlist.
  • Increased Solar's boot time.
  • Fixed Keytones, now single beeps, and removed for some keys.
  • More code cleanup, and other things I can't remember.


  Solar 3.1 [Released]

Solar 3.1 [Released]

Download: Solar 3.1




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