Solar 4.0 [Released]

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Solar 4.0 [Released]

Once again, Tortuga Cove co-admin and PS3 developer Condorstrike has updated his PS3 Homebrew app Solar. This time packed with new Graphical effects and goodies, also users interaction plus a new User Interface which now can be themed.


Hi guys, here's Solar v4.0.

Lots of graphical work went onto this release, including user input... moving the planets and such, plus a lot of other stuff,

check the change-log  to see all the new additions, and as always I hope you enjoy.


Solar v4.0 Changelog:

  • Added user imput "now planets can be moved/rotated/zoomed" ***Check Help screen for pads usage***

  • Rotation in any axis 360 degrees, all screens. Zoom and X/Y movement on screen# 1 only. 

  • Added Volume Slider.

  • Minor Volume adjustment.

  • Minor Seek adjustment.

  • Replaced and created a new User Interface.

  • Added dual time & date Clocks.

  • Added fade effects.

  • Added new Help screen "press X".

  • Replace & Improved Exit Dialog.

  • Added atmosphere to some planets. "WIP"

  • Added Higher resolution textures.

  • Increased Particles count.

  • Added comet tails, "grow with speed"

  • Added new Sound Effects and event triggered vibration.

  • Background Music (bgm.mp3) and Images are located in " /dev_hdd0/game/CNDR00001/USRDIR/theme " 

  • Improved Graphics engine.

  • Improved MP3 read time.

    Solar 4.0 [Released]Solar 4.0 [Released]

    Download: Solar v4.0

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