mmCM/Multiman 04.02.04 Update Released

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mmCM/Multiman 04.02.04 Update ReleasedUsers can fast forward/skip/rewind and SBS/TB mode can be changed on the fly..

04.02.04 - (Stereo 3D related)

* Fixed rare issue when launching video files from NTFS and /net_host (when file is >2GB and there is no space on /dev_hdd1)
* Added support for playing video files (including AVI3D) from NTFS drives and remote /net_host servers
* Returning from Stereo Player will fall back to standard 2D mode
* Stereo files (avi3d) in 1920x1080 resolution are treated as SBS 960x1080 per eye (default)
* Audio output uses Dolby Digital if available (for 5.1 AC3 audio)

* Controls:
[START]    - Pause / Resume
[RIGHT / LEFT]  - Skip 120 sec forward/rewind
[DOWN / UP]  - Skip 10% forward/rewind
[SELECT]  - Toggle 4x fast-forward / normal playback
[R3]    - Toggles SBS and TB/OU modes if autodetection fails
[CIRCLE]  - Return to mM
[TRIANGLE]  - Exit to XMB
[L1/R1/L2/R2]  - Change L/R-eye color bias in anaglyph display mode

Download: 04.02.04

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